Circa 1990's Colnago Superissimo.  I've been on the watch for one of these for a little while. 
A few phone pictures taken on the first ride  after the break. A few stops to make a some adjustments and a serious wind,  but still a nice ride.

Ferrovelo Randonneur


This bike originated from my desire for a classic styled touring bike, and a 'naked' steel finish.  This '84 Apollo had already clocked up many thousands of miles as a touring bike with its original owner, well used but in good condition, I set about rebuilding it as an every-day randonneur style bike for myself.
Details after the break

Ferrovelo Randonneur slide show

Slide show of the Ferrovelo Randonneur project

Which is the odd one out?


Its only been ridden to Church on Sundays.

Merida 120 3000D & DT Swiss XMM 140 Twinshot

In terms of an interest its retro/classic steel bikes, but that's about building, restoring, collecting and a little casual riding.  For 'actual riding', 90% of my miles are on the local trails and off road its modern all the way.  This is my current ride, and its a ripper - a Merida 120 3000D Carbon.

Vintage Peugeot Mixte

Here’s an older Peugeot Mixte restored recently. Its been a slow project this one. Partly because I’m slow, but also, for one reason or another there was a lot of customising along the way...