Bike build: Polished alloy Giant XTC hard tail

I picked up the GIANT XTC1 second hand as a frame only, the purple paintwork was quite marked so I set about stripping it and gathering up parts to make a unique hardtail XC bike.

The XTC is a great XC frame.  For me, the geometry really feels good .  The Fox FL R80 air forks are super smooth and although a few years old now, the Shimano XT 4 pot's live up to their reputation as one of the best hydraulic brakes around, especially with the braided stainless lines.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story, but you can see that there was a lot of polishing and some painting involved, with a pretty nice result. 

This bike has spent more time on the blacktop fitted with slicks than it has on the trails, but its recently had the off-road tyres re-fitted and has been seeing a bit more dirt.  

Lots more pictues below.