Ted Easton, Wheelman. Australian Cycling History, 1930’s and 40’s

During the research process, in preparation for the restoration of a vintage Ted Easton bicycle, I was lucky enough to make acquaintance with Ted Easton’s Son, Ted Jnr.  Through Ted Jnr. I discovered not only that his father was the builder of my bike at his cycle shop in Aulbury back in approx. 1950, but also that Ted Easton was a Champion Cyclist of the time.  This post is dedicated to recording Ted Eason the cyclist.  
The photos above are Healing Cycle's Photocards (promotional cards) from the late 1940's.  Below are the rear of the cards, which contain a good overview of Ted's Career.
Below is a 1949 article about Ted, which also provides not only further information about Ted's cycling acheivements, but also insight into Ted Easton's peronality and outlook on life.  In particualr I love Ted's simple tips for becoming a champion cyclist .. clean living, plenty of rest and good solid training   ... use your head as well as your legs...
Ted was definitely one of Australia's cycling champions of the time.  Hopefully Ted (Jnr) doesn’t mind me sharing a comment that he made to me about his dad –
I know for a fact that if it was not for the second world war taking five years from my fathers professional cycling career, he would have become one of Australia’s most noted, and possibly greatest cycling champions.

Its hard to argue.  Thanks to Ted Jr, here are some further pictures and information about Ted.

Ted (right) and Bill Moritz (left) at the Exhibition Board track (Melbourne) in 1938. They often raced together in teams events and were known as "the twins" because of their similar looks.

Ted Easton, His Wife and Trainer, Arthur Alsop.
The photo was taken in Adelaide (possibly at Adelaide airport) in 1946. Note the "carry on" luggage (bicycle). Wherever the professional cyclists went their bikes went with them so no one could touch them.  Ted’s Wife was an airline hostess with Ansett Airways and is in her uniform in the photo - she was one of the first hostess' with the commercial airline industry.  Both were close friends with Reg Ansett, The founder of Ansett Airways.

Some of Ted Easton's championsh​ip sashes - The two on the right are his British empire championsh​ip wins - the next two are australian champoinsh​ip wins. The text describes each sash in order from right to left.

Ted Easton (Right) with Eddie Smith, Russell Mockeridge and Keith McFarlane at Ted's shop in Albury,
probably in the late 1940's

Ted Easton Jnr's brother (David) with his bicycle, built by dad of course.

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