The Explorer

The Explorer is a bike I picked up a year or two back, but hadn't ridden much until recently.
Other than 'Big B bikes' (Belconnen) and 'Made in Japan', the exact origin and maker remain unknown to me but its a lovely ride, fitted with a circa 1980's mix of upper spec and mid range hardware. 
Its still in 'as found' condition with the exception of swapping the saddle for a brooks, and some fresh air in the tubes. I've still not even treated it to a proper dust off and some new tyres - which it really does need, I know I'm pushing my luck riding with these old ones - and it does also deserve some new pads and bar tape too.  But its worked its way to the front to the fleet (OK, pile might be more apt) recently and Ive been using it more and more often and enjoying the ride each time.

Under the metallic blue paint the Tange 2 double butted tubes and forks are fully chromed. 
This has posed somewhat of a temptation as I've always been keen on a bare chrome steel frame.  Perhaps one day this will be its fate, but so far its untouched.

Most of the gear you can see in the images below, in addition; rims are Araya, Nitto stem and bars, Tange BB and headset, MKS pedals, New Grand Compe 400 brakes, Suze hubs.

And surely AERO MIGHTY has to be one of the coolest names for a crank set?

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