Riding with gps tracking

I've just discovered the world of GPS tracking for cycling.
And I'm impressed. 

I've ridden some tracks for several years and never really been too bothered about distane travelled and average speed, but after tracking just one ride I've found it interesting to see the various ride stats - elevation gained, max grade ....and I dig the ride playpack feature showing elevation and speed along the route.

I'm sure it wont help me ride any better, but it definately adds a bit of interest to take a look at your route and ride stats after the event.

No doubt the novelty will subside, but I'll definatley be using this more in future.

Looks like there are various technical soultions and websites out there, but for the record, so far I've used 'run the map' on my windows 7 phone to record the GPX file and uploaded it to ridewithgps.com to view the route map and stats.

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