Bike build: Apollo Jaguar Single Speed project

Its not a track bike or even a fixie, but the aim for this build was to nail ‘the look’, and still be a casual, everyday ride - a clean frame with no cables, some street bike finishings (flat bars, bmx pedals), and everyday practicality (freewheel and coaster brake).

First up the frame and forks were tidied up to be clean and sleek, no braze-ons, no lugs, no eyelets, no drilling for brakes, no derailleur hangers, no cable stops or guides, no stand mounts. Nothing but clean straight Cr-Mo tubes.

Off to the Powder coaters

After abrasive blasting, the frame and forks are powder coated in gloss black.  The 27” Ambosio rims, and bars are powder coated in white.  On thier return the theme continues and the frame and fork lugs are painted gloss white too.  Finally all is finished off with 3 coats of clear gloss over the top.

New stainless steel spokes, coaster brake hub, pedals, chain, grips, headset, recover the seat, lots of polishing and she’s done.

When it came into my hands, it was pretty obious that a long time has passed since this Apollo Jaguar had seen any love.  The result of some TLC? Well its still not a Colnago, but it turned out well.  It's gone on to a new owner but I know it turns a few heads, the ride is super smooth, and riding with the coaster brake makes you feel 12 again!

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