Jazz Blues and Soups - at BB's

OK, next time your in St Louis, sure, catch a Cardinals game, go to the Jefferson Memorial, but here's my tip. Head down South Broadway to old Frenchtown one evening.  Just a short walk from Busch Stadium you'll find BB's Jazz Blues and Soups .

Find yourself a seat in the building dating back to the mid 1800's, grab a beer and settle in to enjoy the atmosphere and some fantastic live music.

Do yourself a favour and take 2 mins and a few MB of your monthly download limit to check out my (slightly dodgy quality phone) clip below.  I never did try the soup though, maybe next time.

From their website:   BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups is St. Louis' Premiere Blues house
On their website you can also see more pictures and a calendar of who's playing when too.

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