Bike Restoration: Raleigh Cameo

Luckily the original paint and decals on this Raleigh Cameo were all in great shape, its always satisfying to bring something back to, or close to, its original glory.

Not even a scuff mark on the Raleigh saddle either, although rust had taken its toll on the spokes, front hub, seat bolt and stand, so those and a few other bits a pieces were replaced.  Some new white walls, QR seat post clamp, a thorough service, clean, and lots of polishing.

Just about everything on this bike is Raleigh branded - right down to the washers.  It's a lovely colour scheme and decal set too, and the combination of the burgundy with the silver-grey head tube and the gold alloy badge works well.    Estimated DOM is mid eighties, all cleaned up she looks great, certainly not bad for a bike circa 25 years of age.


  1. Hi AJ.

    Gorgeous blog. I have a question. I have a 1984 Raleigh Cameo, she is in very good nick and I look after her well. Her original 'Cameo' sticker has been nearly torn away though, and I would love to replace it. Any ideas where I would be able to get a new one, or is it a pipe dream? pip

  2. Hi Pip, I see that there are various Raleigh decals on ebay, but not Cameo ones specifically. If you can't find any you could always get a sign writer to print some for you. You could create the image yourself on you computer and find a songwriter who can print is as a sticker for you. This is what I did on the Ted Easton bike, and the cost was very reasonable, or you can also just take pictures and measurements and a sign writer could help you out from there too.
    Good luck with it.